Master Key Week 5 – Ending Month One Strong

Last week Mark J encouraged us to end the month strong and that’s just what I’ve done. Knocking off my assigned readings with ease (except for Emerson’s Law of Compensation which reading it felt like walking in daddies shoes when you were four).

Doing the Press Release was fun and really helped me to get into the emotions of my DMP. I could feel it happening and it gave me a much needed boost of self confidence.

Speaking of, I decided to listen to a self-confidence affirmation/meditation as a way to meet the promise in the Self Confidence Formula of “devoting ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE”. I’ve been reading that passage daily for almost a month now, and finally found a way to actually do it that works for me!

So I go into November, full of confidence, excitement, clarity and enthusiasm! Quite a step up from the struggles of the previous four weeks.



Steve Jobs quote


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