Master Key Week 6 — Moon Shot and Course Corrections

Moon ShotThis week saw the visual creation of the DMP…i.e. the Movie Poster!

I did a goal board years ago, and most everything on that board came to pass with little effort beyond the actual creation of the board.

So I’m both curious and excited to see what happens with this one now I that I’m doing all this extra MKMMA work to bring it into reality!

Side note: One thing about creating a goal/board movie poster this time that was way better than the last time — NOT having to flip through a big pile of magazine to find a picture somewhat close to what I wanted. This time I went right into Google images and t0ld it what I wanted, had a wide variety of selections to choose from and found the perfect pictures.

Now that my “Moon Shot” DMP  is pictured and up on the office wall where it looms for all to see, (as well as lots of sheets of colorful shapes all over the house) the journey begins.

In taking this moon shot, I’m reminded that a rocket flying to the moon is only “on course” about 1% of the time. The other 99% of the time is a matter of a series of small course corrections.

So I was doing a lot of course corrections this week.

I did some touch up on my DMP even though it was officially “approved” last week. I did a couple of revisions on my Press Release which I’m really loving now. I changed the title of a blog and podcast I’ll soon be launching, which caused me to have to reprint my color shapes pages. (I think my inkjet printer has gone through a couple of gallons of ink this week!) And I took out all the “wills” in my Blueprint Builder because they were bugging me ever since I removed the wills from Scroll 1 of the Greatest Salesman.

So week six goes down as one big moon shot and lots of little course corrections.

Rocket Man!


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