Master Key Week 7: The Week that Wasn’t

Week that wasnt

I knew ahead of time that this week was going to be a difficult one to stay on track. I was leaving Thursday morning to staff a Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure where we guide 25 men on their own personal Hero’s Journey. And I wouldn’t be home until Sunday night, so I would miss the Week 8 live class as well.

The MKP NWTA Weekend is an empowering but intense weekend that would severely curtail my free time and sleep time. I brought my GS book and 3×5 cards and had access to the Master Key in my iPhone so I thought I was good to go.

What I didn’t expect was how tired I would once getting there.

You see for a good portion of this MKMMA experience so far, I’ve had to help my wife who fell and fractured BOTH elbows. So I’ve been living my life, taking on a good amount of things she normally does, and adding the MKMMA work on top of all that.

And this week I hit a wall. Mentally and physically exhausted.

So a lot of MKMMA things didn’t get done during week 7 — like this blog post, some of the daily readings, and putting together the audio with my voice reading my DMP. Did I mention I’m also auditing Go90Grow and trying to read the Think and Grow Rich book everyday?

I chose not to fight through the fatigue and the time constraints to get all my assignments done. I chose to take care of myself. That was a big decision for me.

Was there technically enough hours in my week to do all the things I had to do including all the MKMMA assignments? Yeah technically, but in reality I did my best. And it was nowhere near perfect.

In the end it was the week that wasn’t. But the lesson was a good one. Do your best. Take care of yourself. No guilt or shame.

Onto week eight.




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2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 7: The Week that Wasn’t”

  1. Carl, Love the insight. I can relate to your wife with breaking both elbows at the same time. It is very rare. It has been 4 years and I still get the aches when the weather changes to remind me. No regrets. Week 8 here we come!


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