Master Key Week 8: A Crack in the Cement


This week saw a crack in my cement.

For those uninitiated into the nomenclature of MKMMA, your cement is long-held beliefs about yourself (that no longer serve you) which have you encased in familiar ways of being, acting, thinking, reacting, etc.

One of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) is Recognition for Creative Expression, and the way I want to express myself creatively is through launching a blog — tentatively titled — Our Bold Future and a corresponding podcast.

As part of my research, I began looking at other blogs dealing with the future. And after a while of looking at people — really smart people — with blogs, websites and podcasts that get into all the science and technology that’s shaping our future. And business sites with resources to deeply explore this field, I got a serious case of imnotgoodenoughitis.

I mean c’mon, I’m not a scientist, a hard-core techie, established in the field.  WhodoIthinkIamanyway?

All of this mental punching went nicely with a flu I’ve been battling this week. All of which followed Week 7 – the infamous week that wasn’t!

So things were looking grim. And to top it off, I had taken a picture of my Movie Poster and emailed it to Mark, Davene and the crew in Hawaii. I got a nice email back from Davene saying thanks for sending it, but it wasn’t required. And ending with a little four word question about my DMP, that literally floored me.

“Do you love it?”

Do I what??

I hadn’t considered if I loved it! I’m mean I’m just trying to do my best to keep my head above water by completing the assignments!

And at the risk of being repetitive  — survive the ordeal of mentally fighting imnotgoodenough, physically fighting off the flu, and quite frankly, for the last few weeks, life itself seemed to be conspiring against any new way of being as well — like my wife fracturing both elbows!

I’m in survival mode here and the lovely Davene asks me if I love my DMP!

And the honest answer at that moment was I don’t know.

Which made me sad. And caused some self-reflection.

What finally cracked the cement was re-reading my Press Release.

It captured the spirit of my DMP. And that I loved.

My blog isn’t going to be like everyone else’s and nor does it have to be.  I don’t need to be as smart, as techie, as scientific, experienced/established or anything else you want to fill in the blank.

I just need to be me and to follow where my passion takes me.


I did a Sit visualizing the Press Release and in that process an idea came to me on how to manifest it.

And that crack got just a little bigger.

I finally recorded my DMP to music.

And that crack got just a little bit bigger.

I continue to do my daily readings, write my blog, listen to my DMP.

And  now if I get really quiet and pay real close attention, I can feel a wind of change and see a sliver of new life through that little crack in my cement.






Author: Founder & CEO of DinDin Party

At DinDin Party we create a better world by bringing all types of people together to break bread, converse, laugh, play and truly enjoy each other's company. Visit our website to learn how you can become a host or a guest.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Week 8: A Crack in the Cement”

  1. Great enthusiasm and a lot of breakthroughs for you this week…. congratulations! As your spouse, I experience your dedication on this path. I’m over-the-moon happy for you! It’s fun and exciting to see you blossom as your life comes together. Thank goodness that the cement is temporary!
    Thank you for the inspiration and positivity you provided this week! It was the glue that inspired our late night talk for my turn around to a place of peace. I appreciate your kindness and generosity of spirit with everyone you meet. Always.You are a true model of the Law of Giving!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so happy I came across your blog; your press release was fascinating and got me thinking off on different tangents. You have a very vivid creative imagination, and I look forward to more of your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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