Master Key Week 13: Formula for Success



I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about this formula. (I know I’m missing the Burning Desire underlining DMP and Continuous Action underlining WPOA but this WordPress formatting doesn’t have an underlining option, but I digress).

It’s funny now, but for a long time I struggled understanding this formula. I mean that literally. For instance I often couldn’t remember what PMA or WPOA meant. I had to keep flipping through my notes to recall it. It’s like I had a brain freeze on it.

But over the past couple of weeks things started to thaw and now this week it finally clicked. And I mean really clicked. I  see now what MKMMA and Think N Grow Rich are so elaborately, painstakingly even, trying to teach us.

 Yeah I heard Mark  yapping about the importance of visiting the alliance area, but it was just yapping to me. I didn’t fully get the importance of having others to bounce ideas off and keep you accountable. After all, I was always told life’s not going to do you any favors you need to buckle up and go out there on your own to make it in the world. Inherent in that was that you can’t count on others. I think this lone cowboy attitude plays out a lot in the USA.  I didn’t make the connection that an MMA is one of the major keys to success. 

When given the task of the Mental Diet, I thought it’s was an interesting task, but it felt like an exercise in futility and I gave it a half-hearted effort after a couple of negative setbacks. I didn’t make the connection that the Mental Diet is key to creating a Positive Mental Attitude which is one of the major keys to success! 

I worked hard on my DMP in those early weeks. Yet I struggled with is this my major purpose in life? And went back and forth between burning desire and doubt. Now I realize part of the doubt came from not having a Written Plan of Action. What are the actual steps I’m going to take to make this DMP a reality? I didn’t make the connection that the WPOA was one of the master keys to success!  That a written plan in hand helps remove doubt and fuels the self-confidence one needs to go confidently in the direction of their dreams!

Looking back now it seems almost foolish that I didn’t recognize what’s been there in front of me all along. But then I remember Haanel saying in 12.23 that the mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive it.

Well in week 13 my vibratory brain cells have formed around this simple, yet profound formula for success.

I’ve decided to incorporate this formula into my Law of Giving. I’m creating a business card with this formula (with definitions on what DMP, PMA etc means). Then every time I talk to someone about my network marketing business or in relation to business around my DMP at the end I’m going to give them this formula.

I can’t think of a better gift.

Author: Founder & CEO of DinDin Party

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