Master Key Week 16: Kindness

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I spent a lot of this week in the house. In front of the computer. Or the TV. Or the phone. I spend a lot of my time (too much time) in front of screens. And when you do that you don’t have the opportunities for human interaction which is the breeding ground for kindness.

So I did a lot of acts of kindness for my wife. And some acts of kindness online through Facebook, or instant messaging an old friend. But online is not the same. The truth is I didn’t witness  or participate in as much kindness as I should have. Or want to. Or need in my life. And that’s the lesson of this week.

Kindness is a gift shared person to person. It’s a touch. A smile. A helping hand. A gesture. A simple act. It is love in action.

The weekend is here. I’ve still got a two more days for kindness. I think I’ll go outside.


Author: Founder & CEO of DinDin Party

At DinDin Party we create a better world by bringing all types of people together to break bread, converse, laugh, play and truly enjoy each other's company. Visit our website to learn how you can become a host or a guest.

4 thoughts on “Master Key Week 16: Kindness”

  1. I commend you for giving kindness to your wife and love that you are taking your kindness on the road – or at least – out under the sun. I know what it is like to feel less than connected – kindness is a perfect way to get outside and connect. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. Carl – How nice for you to show kindness right where you are! I am sure your wife is very appreciative! No kind act is ever wasted! I can so relate!! I work from home and live in a very rural area; so most of my kind acts were for family and animals as well. On my scheduled days out with clients and meetings, I did some kind acts but really focused on noticing kindness. Like you said, “Kindness is a gift shared person to person. It’s a touch. A smile. A helping hand. A gesture. A simple act. It is love in action.” – it was wonderful!


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