MKMMA Week 21: Our Bold Future Pt 1.

facebook_timeline_cover_2016Early on in the MKMMA process Mark J and the team asked us to come up with a Definite Main Purpose in life. To imagine a life that we wanted to live.

I had some vague goals around our network marketing business. Like reaching the top rank and traveling the world. But ironically, no real big ideas about my future.

I say ironically because I’ve always been interested in the future. I started being fascinated by trends from my days in advertising and marketing in the 1980’s. I’m a big picture kind of guy and could see emerging trends. Often it seemed as if I knew what was coming 6 months before it hit the mainstream. My wife Suzanne often remarked that I had my finger on the pulse of the future.

And then in the 1990’s along came personal computers and the internet and I was hooked on techology. I wasn’t a geek and not great in math or science but I loved emerging technologies, especially what Steve Jobs and Apple brought to the world. I was an Apple fan boy and could see many ways it could change the world.

Early on I remember a group of people arguing with me about my contention that books in paper form would soon go away. That would never happen they said. And then the Kindle came along and the iPad.

And finally, in the last decade I got really turned on by people like Ray Kurzweil and his theory of the Singularity. Fascinated with the advances longevity. And inspired by books like Abundance that talk about some the solutions going on to solve big world problems.

I became a techno-optimist, a future enthusiast, and an amateur futurist. I could see that as we moved into the digital age change would happen at an exponential rate, rather than the linear pace of change we’ve been used to.

But none of those interests had congealed into any form in my life, other than passing interests.

And then in an early Sit, I had a thought. To create a blog and podcast about the future.

I wish I could say that it hit me like a shot of lightning and I said “of course!” to the idea. But early on and through the first ten weeks or so I really fought the idea. Who was I to create such a thing? I’m not a scientist! Or a geek! Or a programmer! I’m not nerdy enough or smart enough. Or accredited. Or blah, blah, blah, blah…

But between the weekly exercises and taking daily steps to manifest the idea, soon Our Bold Future took shape. First just in words on my DMP, and then in pictures on my vision board. And then in baby action steps like getting the domain name and the matching Facebook Page and Twitter handle. Getting a logo designed. Building a wordpress site.

And in between each action step, I fought with myself on the viability of the idea and if I had the right “credentials” or “passion” or “knowledge” or “wisdom” or you name it — to do it!

Through it all, I overanalyzed to the point of paralysis. Went from feelings of yes I can to being totally overwhelmed.  I stayed in bed one day not wanting to deal with it. I’d under appreciate the steps forward I took and used the steps backward to beat myself up about not going forward that day.  In short I made the whole darn process, much harder than it had to be.

Three things really helped birth Our Bold Future. One was writing the Press Release into the future. That gave me a vision and a goal. Second, was the daily repetitive grind of reading the cards, repeating the Blueprint Builder and DMP and doing the Sits. All of which helped keep me focused and giving thought to what I wanted to create. And finally adding into the mix new assignments each week that continued to build up my self-confidence.

Finally after over 20 weeks of self-work I’m ready to publically launch Our Bold Future into the world.  I’ll share the early results of that in next week’s post.


Author: Founder & CEO of DinDin Party

At DinDin Party we create a better world by bringing all types of people together to break bread, converse, laugh, play and truly enjoy each other's company. Visit our website to learn how you can become a host or a guest.

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