About Me

About Me CarlMasterKeyL

I believe in our innate ability to create the life we want to live. Therefore, my career path has often taken a winding road and sometimes a road less traveled.

After becoming a national award-winning copywriter at two major ad agencies, I became restless. So I became a trainer with the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and built a million dollar a year sales organization. Then I learned Internet Marketing, built a web media company and sold it.

In the past year I launched two podcasts that went to #1 on iTunes New and Noteworthy. Carl and Mike where we riff, rant and rave about politics, sex, and religion. And a video podcast called 5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike where all questions are fair game.

Recently Carl and Mike decided to exploring running for President of the United States! Look, somebody not crazy, lusting for power or in the pockets of sugar daddy/babe billionaires has got to do it!

As a Life and Business Coach, I encourage everyone to be fearless in their career choices. Open yourself to new possibilities and follow your bliss!

As part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I’m exploring new ideas and new ways to fully live my life!  This blog is dedicated to that journey


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