MKMMA Week 21: Our Bold Future Pt 1.

facebook_timeline_cover_2016Early on in the MKMMA process Mark J and the team asked us to come up with a Definite Main Purpose in life. To imagine a life that we wanted to live.

I had some vague goals around our network marketing business. Like reaching the top rank and traveling the world. But ironically, no real big ideas about my future.

I say ironically because I’ve always been interested in the future. I started being fascinated by trends from my days in advertising and marketing in the 1980’s. I’m a big picture kind of guy and could see emerging trends. Often it seemed as if I knew what was coming 6 months before it hit the mainstream. My wife Suzanne often remarked that I had my finger on the pulse of the future.

And then in the 1990’s along came personal computers and the internet and I was hooked on techology. I wasn’t a geek and not great in math or science but I loved emerging technologies, especially what Steve Jobs and Apple brought to the world. I was an Apple fan boy and could see many ways it could change the world.

Early on I remember a group of people arguing with me about my contention that books in paper form would soon go away. That would never happen they said. And then the Kindle came along and the iPad.

And finally, in the last decade I got really turned on by people like Ray Kurzweil and his theory of the Singularity. Fascinated with the advances longevity. And inspired by books like Abundance that talk about some the solutions going on to solve big world problems.

I became a techno-optimist, a future enthusiast, and an amateur futurist. I could see that as we moved into the digital age change would happen at an exponential rate, rather than the linear pace of change we’ve been used to.

But none of those interests had congealed into any form in my life, other than passing interests.

And then in an early Sit, I had a thought. To create a blog and podcast about the future.

I wish I could say that it hit me like a shot of lightning and I said “of course!” to the idea. But early on and through the first ten weeks or so I really fought the idea. Who was I to create such a thing? I’m not a scientist! Or a geek! Or a programmer! I’m not nerdy enough or smart enough. Or accredited. Or blah, blah, blah, blah…

But between the weekly exercises and taking daily steps to manifest the idea, soon Our Bold Future took shape. First just in words on my DMP, and then in pictures on my vision board. And then in baby action steps like getting the domain name and the matching Facebook Page and Twitter handle. Getting a logo designed. Building a wordpress site.

And in between each action step, I fought with myself on the viability of the idea and if I had the right “credentials” or “passion” or “knowledge” or “wisdom” or you name it — to do it!

Through it all, I overanalyzed to the point of paralysis. Went from feelings of yes I can to being totally overwhelmed.  I stayed in bed one day not wanting to deal with it. I’d under appreciate the steps forward I took and used the steps backward to beat myself up about not going forward that day.  In short I made the whole darn process, much harder than it had to be.

Three things really helped birth Our Bold Future. One was writing the Press Release into the future. That gave me a vision and a goal. Second, was the daily repetitive grind of reading the cards, repeating the Blueprint Builder and DMP and doing the Sits. All of which helped keep me focused and giving thought to what I wanted to create. And finally adding into the mix new assignments each week that continued to build up my self-confidence.

Finally after over 20 weeks of self-work I’m ready to publically launch Our Bold Future into the world.  I’ll share the early results of that in next week’s post.


MKMMA Week 20: The Art of Receiving


“Inspiration is the art of receiving.”

I was struck by this insight on inspiration from Haanel in Lesson 20. He goes on to say that to understand and apply the method of inspiration is to become a superman.

One of the definitions of inspiration is “drawing in of breath”. You literally need to receive inspiration to live.

In our daily 15-minutes Sits I naturally begin to relax and become conscious of my breathing.

Conscious awareness of your breathing then is to practice the art of receiving.

In the Law of Giving cards I make a daily promise “to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature, kindness, smiles, and compliments to what I gladly receive with a thank you”. 

To give thanks then is to practice the art of receiving

As part of our daily assignments, I am asked to write down three things I am grateful for each day.

To recognize the gifts of the day and to show gratitude for them then is to practice the art of receiving.

The word YES is an act of receiving as I allow new experiences into my life.

Saying yes to what life brings you then is to practice the art of receiving. 

And what of giving?  Again the Law of Giving cards provide the answer…“I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity, to the channels I enrich because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.”

Breathe in and receive. Breathe out and give. The dynamic flow of giving and receiving. It’s something we do countless times each day.

The art of receiving is literally right under our nose.

Sit on that truth during  your next Sit.

Master Key Week 19: Big Idea. Small Mind.

In Week 19 Haanel continues on the idea that Universal Mind only manifests itself through us. That we are in essence part of the Omnipotence, Omniscience and any other Omni word you want to throw out there.

That Universal Mind is this static all-encompassing field, that only becomes dynamic when we think.  That Universal Mind’s vital force flows through us and all we basically need to do is to wake up to it, and comply with its laws.

And that it is through us that the Universal Mind evolves. That we can “control fate and fortune like a captain controls his ship”

These are  big, big BIG ideas to get one’s head around.

So I spent some of this week in a sit trying to get my head around it.

Here’s where I am, I understand it in theory. I grasp it on an intellectual level. It makes sense. But emotionally? Spiritually?  I wish. I mean if one got it emotionally you’d never really worry again. Gosh darn it, you’d be happy, creative, playful, kind of like a kid without a worry in the world in everything you do!

And where would that get you?

Okay, so there’s a bit of tongue in cheek here. That’s me being playful. (I guess that’s a step in the right direction.)

So now I’m in this weird awareness state, where I see where Haanel is pointing to. And I see where I am. But theres a chasm between my understanding and fully embracing and living from that place.  Sometimes I feel like a stubborn two year old who only knows one word —  NO! Sometimes I just don’t know if I can fully get there.

I mean there’s a lot of cement!

And even writing this I say to myself, you shouldn’t affirm your weakness around this. Just see yourself as already there.

(Sigh). Big idea. Small mind. Pulling on the string. Living in and out of the gap in between. That’s where I’m at in Week 19.



Week 18: The Crack in the Wall.

Crack in the wall
Crack in the Wall.

Two weeks ago I posted about hitting the wall. (week 17). Note I didn’t write a blog post for week 17HJ. Because…well…because of that damn wall. That missing blog post is a defiant testament to the mightiness of my wall.

Ironically it’s a totally invisible wall. One created by years of my own ego, thoughts. Fears. Insecurities.  And even though no one can see the wall. It’s there. I feel it every day.

It’s a wall built by my old blueprint. Guarded by my risk managers who makes sure I don’t go beyond it’s boundaries. (Not that I’d want to.)

But this isn’t another post about hitting the wall. It’s about how a tiny little question, could crack such a sturdy well-built wall.

The question came out of our last MKMMA class.

What would the person I intend to become do next? 

You wouldn’t think a simple question like that could take down a wall. Especially one I so  painstakingly built to protect and provide comfort to little old me.

But damn if that puny little question didn’t put a crack in my wall the first time I read it. And cracked it a little bit more each and every time I’ve read it since.

It’s a conniving little question, because it correctly assumes that you already know the answer. But I think what makes it a deadly wall breaker is the very last word—next.

You see if it just said what would the person I intend to become do?, it would have way overshot my wall. Because that’s a big overwhelming pie in the sky answer — one that my defenses would have easily deflected.  Because I ain’t going way out there.

But the sentence doesn’t end there. It ends with the word…next.

And that little sneaky four-letter word at the end of that innocent-sounding, but oh-so-deadly, old-blueprint-killing question is one hellvua strategic pinprick. It found (made?) just the right opening to reverberate through my thick brick and mortar until it chiseled to the very core of my foundation and cracked it wide open.

Because not only do I know what to do, big picture wise. I know what to do next. Geez.

And it’s really, really hard to defend standing your ground. To remain living inside your wall of comfort. When all you need to do NEXT, to move one tiny fracking step forward towards (cue trumpet horns) Definite Main Purpose in life, is a really simple, stupid little thing…

…like to write this blog post.




Master Key Week 17: Hitting the Wall

I wish I could report that I had a great week, but I seemed to have hit a wall.


And I struggle with even sharing this. I mean what you focus on grows right?

I hit the wall because my goal is to launch my blog this month. It’s a major part of my DMP and I’m not doing the things I need to do to get it launched. Which starts a cycle of self-criticism, self-doubt and wanting to give up.

I feel fear, sadness and anger about it. And I’ve got to push through it. But that old blueprint is a stubborn mule. Addicted to comfort inside the box.

Damn. I wish it was easier. I wish I made it easier on myself.

I wish there was no wall.

But in desperate moments I remember I’ve got Haanel, Og, Emerson, Mark J, Davene and the MKMMA gang, and other support teams and systems to raise me up.

In other words, I’ve got a ladder.


Master Key Week 16: Kindness

Word on keyboard


I spent a lot of this week in the house. In front of the computer. Or the TV. Or the phone. I spend a lot of my time (too much time) in front of screens. And when you do that you don’t have the opportunities for human interaction which is the breeding ground for kindness.

So I did a lot of acts of kindness for my wife. And some acts of kindness online through Facebook, or instant messaging an old friend. But online is not the same. The truth is I didn’t witness  or participate in as much kindness as I should have. Or want to. Or need in my life. And that’s the lesson of this week.

Kindness is a gift shared person to person. It’s a touch. A smile. A helping hand. A gesture. A simple act. It is love in action.

The weekend is here. I’ve still got a two more days for kindness. I think I’ll go outside.

Master Key Week 15: Just Words?


Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.

I’ve always fancied myself a writer. And in fact, once upon a time, had a career as a copywriter. So I’ve been trained in the art of writing and the power of using words.

Yet I never thought about them being the highest form of architecture in civilization. And yet reading the highlighted quote above from 15.20 in the Master Key , it makes total sense.

Haanel goes on to say… words are the first manifestation of thought. The vessel in which thought is carried.

Although I’m a lapsed Catholic and lean more agnostic, I always liked the Gospel of John the best. Maybe because it starts with this..

John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

And one of my favorite books is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. His very first agreement is Be Impeccable with Your Word. Ruiz says that it is so important that with just this one agreement you will be able to transcend to the level of existence I call heaven on earth. Now I understand why.

And finally, there’s this…

We are born and the first thing they do is give us a word — i.e. a name.

I think back to all the times I’ve used words poorly and sigh.

But then I look at my DMP, my many Note Cards, my Blueprint Builder, and see all those beautiful thought-forming words that our coming out of my mouth (three times a day. And all I can do is smile.